OX:Agile Conference 2017

Single-Track Agile Conference
Friday, 15th September 2017
Elsevier, Oxfordspires Business Park, Kidlington

About the OX:Agile Conference 2017

Elsevier and Equal Experts, along with Cognizant technologies will be hosting some of the best in class Agile speakers, coaches and trainers. Some of them are authors to the bestselling books on Agile, and some have proved be champions in organizational change to Agile.



Oxford Spires Business Park,
Kidlington OX5 1GB, UK


Ample free parking space is available at the Elsevier Kidlington office.

Public Transport

The location can be comfortably reached via bus:

  • 2C/2D, bus stop London Oxford Airport / Kidlington Airport, 2 minutes walk
  • 7, 500, bus stop Oxford Motor Park, 5 minutes walk


Breakfast, Lunch, and after refreshment will be provided. If you have any dietary requirement then please drop me a message.



The details of the schedule will be announced here soon.

  • 08:30 Open, breakfast snacks
  • 09:15 Start, Welcome
  • 09:30 Opening Keynote
  • 10:15 First Talk
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15 Second Talk
  • 12:00 Lunch Break
  • 13:00 Third Talk
  • 13:45 Break
  • 14:00 Fourth Talk
  • 14:45 Break
  • 15:00 Fifth Talk
  • 15:45 Break
  • 16:00 Lightning Talks
  • 16:30 Closing Keynote
  • 17:00 Good Bye
  • 17:15 End


Jurriaan Kamer

Jurriaan Kamer, Agile Change Agent


Agile change agent, speaker, organization designer. Jurriaan Kamer founded Agile CIO in 2011. With Agile CIO, he helps other organizations deal with the challenges of the 21st century by letting them break old habits and implement change. He combines his technical background, deep strategic insight, and energetic leadership style to set things in motion. He operates as a change agent to provide guidance and strategic advice for executives on their transformation journeys.

Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly, Agile Inspirer, Author


Inspires digital delivery teams to effectively deliver products through Agile techniques. He is best known identifying diseconomies of scale in software development, creating Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, the hybrid Xanpan agile method, organizing the Agile on the Beach conference, value poker, Business Patterns and, coming soon, Continuous Digital.

When he is not writing books, he does consulting for digital business, and agile training and coaching.

Christian Hujer

Christian Hujer, Software Craftsperson, Agilist


Agilist and Software Craftsman on Humanity, Management, Strategy and Technology, and has 20+ years of experience in professional software development. He founded Nelkinda in 2014/2015 to shape the software development process to advance further, exploring the bleeding edge of Software Craftsmanship and pushing boundaries forward. He is polyglot in languages (Prolog to Java), frameworks and development environments (smart card to a server).

One of his passions is to share technology experiences, and host lighting talks, sessions on varied topics related to technology – from clean code to best practices in Java, from theoretical Agile to how to best adopt Agile in the workplace.

Ashley Frieze

Ashley Frieze, Agilist, Comedian


Software development manager - aims to empower software teams to work with agility. Stand-up comedian - aims to empower audiences to find silly things funny. He has been on the comedy circuit for over ten years and is a versatile comedian and MC, popular with audiences around the UK. Now he is bringing together his software experience, and his quirky self together to make Agile simpler to absorb for all. He has also shared his insights on INVEST principle for user stories, in a previous lighting talk at Elsevier.

Beth Piner-Francis

Beth Piner-Francis, Delivery Manager

As a Delivery Manager with 15+ years of experience in software development and organisational change, Beth has in-depth working knowledge of agile and lean delivery practices. A hands-on practitioner, she remains highly focused on delivery, while helping organisations to become more efficient and effective at what they do. Combining her technical background with advanced team-building and business facing skills allows her to enable agile transformation at all levels – creating more dynamic, exciting and satisfying work environments whilst adding customer value at every step.

Alexander Craig

Alexander Craig, VP Software Development at Elsevier

An experienced digital business and IT management professional with a passion for helping organizations bring a great digital product to market fast. Background in providing management consultancy services with a focus on e-business and digital product strategy, planning, implementation, and delivery.

Specialties: business strategy and planning; product management (from innovation, planning, and design to delivery management); solution selection; market evaluation and exploitation; organizational adoption, change management and evaluation.

Neil Harmer

Neil Harmer, Agilist, Scrum Master


An experienced technical team lead, specialised in getting the best out of teams working to Agile delivery methodologies. Passionate about getting teams to deliver high quality, robust and "best practice" solutions to design challenges and requirements. Neil enjoys using his considerable experience to mentor and motivates teams along the path to becoming world-class software delivery engineers.

Specialties: Best Practice Development, Mentoring Agile methodologies (SCRUM), Java, Spring, Hibernate, Design Patterns, SOA.


The OX:Agile Conference is organized by a community of passionate international software craftspeople on a volunteer-basis.
We can't put a great show without some great sponsors.

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The event is fully financed by the sponsors. You can register for free at our OX:Agile Meetup Page.